Joseph Lomalie served in both Iraq and Afghanistan during his 5 years in the U.S Army. Joseph is from Chicago IL but now resides in Oak Lawn IL. He was injured in Bagram AFB in Afghanistan in 2008 and now suffers from Physical Injuries, PTSD, Depression and Anxiety Issues. In 2014 while he was fishing he realized how fishing helps him deal with all his traumas and makes it easier to deal with. So he founded this great veterans fishing program"HVGF". For Lomalie, Helping Veterans by getting them fishing gear is a way to draw attention to their struggles and provide the tools for what he calls "Fishing Therapy". Joseph also says when he is fishing it helps him keep his mind off his pain and brings peace to his mental well being. Also it gets him motivated and active. He says If he can bring awareness to his fellow Veterans he is sure that it could help them greatly as it does himself.