Our mission is to collect used & new fishing gear for our Veterans. Also to bring awareness to PTSD and fishing as a therapy for our Veterans. We would like to be able to give the tools    "Fishing Gear" to our Veterans for their therapy "Fishing" who suffer from PTSD, Mental, and physical issues from time served in the Military. We have a yearly event in April to disperse the fishing gear to our Veterans.



Our 5 year goal is to start chapters across the nation so we can help more Veterans, bring awareness about PTSD and fishing therapy. Also to stand on our own as a NFP ORG.


Our donors no matter if you are a big company, small basement builder, or just a fisherman donating used gear we greatly appreciate every donation the same. When we receive a donation we put a BIG THANK YOU on our Facebook page with a link to their page to let everyone know that they have helped our Veterans Fishing Program. Also at our yearly event we post up all the great people and companies who helped us the for that year. We also are going to start posting links to all the big and small fishing companies who helped us for a year on our WebSite.